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Rough Collies- The Sables

Owners/Breeders of 27 UK Champions in all three colours and both sexes
Top Breeders 1982/1984/1991/1994
Top Stud Dog/Top Brood Bitch 1989/1991 Top Stud Dog 2001

Pelido Aryton Senna

Champion Pelido Unforgettable

Champion Pelido Italian Affair.
6 CC's,1 G4 Win,3 x BIS at club level, 1xBIS All breeds open show, remaned unbeaten in his classes until attaining his title.
Winner of Dog CC CRUFTS 1998,Sire of a champion and 3 CC winners.

Int.It. Lux.GB CH: Sogno Del Narciso with Pelido.
Sire of 3 UK Champions.

CH: Pelido Careless Love
Son of CH:Pelido Double Fantasy JW,
sire of 3 Champions and Top Stud awards

Champion Mummy's Pet(sometimes known as Pelido Double Fantasy JW).
He became a legend in his own lifetime, siring 7 Champions,6 CC winners,and has many Top Stud Dog awards to his credit.Top Stud Dog 1991,BIS London Collie Club Championship Show 1984.

Champion Pelido French Maid.
Dam of Multi Champion Sogno Del Narciso

Champion Lanteague Heart of Gold at Pelido.
(daughter of CH: Pelido Double Fantasy)

Champion Pelido Love of my Life.
BIS London Collie Club Championship Show from 305 exhibits

Pelido Forgotten Dreams.
(grandson of CH:Pelido Double Fantasy), sire of 6 Champions,3 dual CC winners, 3 individual CC winners, Top Sire 1998,Sire of both CC winners at British Collie Club 1999, Collie Association Top Stud Dog 1998,1999.Joint Top Stud Dog with CH:Pelido Careless Love, Top Stud Dog London and Provincial Collie Club for 5 consecutive years.

Clairone Lonely Dreamer with Pelido.
Sire of a champion and other top winners

Pelido Out of my Dreams.

Pelido Love Story.

Champion Pelido Sparticus.

Champion Pelido Careless Love,Champion Lanteague Heart of Gold at Pelido, Chelines Hello Geoffrey at Pelido.
All sired by Champion Pelido Double Fantasy.

Pelido Lustful Lady.

Champion Copper Beech,with son and daughter, Champion Pelido Angel Fingers, and Pelido Pussy Willow.

Champion Pelido Copper Beech.
Our first Champion.

Pelido Wild Oats.
( 1 Res C.C)

Pelido Randy

All photographs are copyright for use of Pelido Collies only, and must not be copied or reproduced in ANY form.

Lisa and Peter Burtenshaw.
Pelido,Thursley Rd, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey. GU8 6ED.
Telephone/Fax: 01252 702182

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