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The History of Pelido

For as long as I can remember,my family were associated with small livestock - dogs,cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, and then there were the feathered varieties - chickens, ducks, bantums and pigeons. and there was a fishpond in the garden. As the house was situated in the country, there was always plenty of wildlife.
Father was secretary of the local Angling Society. I remember one Christmas Festival,situated by a lake in the freezing cold, winning a whole 1/2 lb box of chocolates, such a luxury in those days,for the junior heaviest basket.At school my favorite "lessons" were Hockey and Netball.
In 1956,I started working part-time at Treetops Kennels owned by Mrs Judy de Casembroot who had just won Best in Show at Crufts with the Greyhound CH TREETOPS GOLDEN FALCON,and on leaving school,was offered permanent employment. The main breeds were Cocker Spaniels and Greyhounds. I was fortunate to have the very best tuition in all aspects of kennel management. I also learnt to milk "Mimosa",a Jersey Cow. The lovely thick creamwhich formed on the top of the milk was something else.From the village of Shamly Green,the kennel then moved to the outskirts of Guildford,where a grooming parlourwas opened which furthered my experience.

When I met Peter, he was a football/darts enthusiast. After marriage, we bred and exhibited rabbits with some success, but we never took it as seriously as the dogs.

"PELIDO" is a combination of the first two letters from Peter,Lisa, and Douglas, our son. Our property is situated on the outskirts of Elstead and was purchased with dog breeding/exhibiting in mind.When we first came here there was thick woods to the rear of the property,which Peter cleared by hand on his own. A local farmer very kindly ploughed and seeded it for us, and so it became a lovely grass paddock. There are woods adjacent to the rear of the paddock and open common beyond. In 1976, the common caught fire. The fire then spread to the woods, the area engulfed in smoke. All of the dogs plus a litter were evacuated to a friend's house in the village. One of our neighbours took care of our cow and her calf and moved them to his own property. The kennels at that time were made of wood. Fortunately, the only damage was to the trees. Following that episode, a new block of purpose built kennels was erected made of bricks with tiled roof.
A large "dog room" was added on to the kitchen which is where the puppies are born. Exercise areas are both grass and concrete. The kennel has been licensed for forty consecutive years. I took the micro-chip course in 2001. From this date,all puppies have been micro-chipped prior to leaving for their new homes.

Our first rough collie,PELIDO HUNNYCOMBE SAFFRON, was obtained from the late Mrs A Smith in 1968 on breeding terms, on 25/01/1969, "Sarah" won Best in Show at an exemption show. I often wonder if I bless or curse that day - our lives have never been the same since. Mrs Smith kindly allowed us to purchase Sarah outright and on 18/01/1970 our first litter was born. Some local breeders came to see the litter at 5 weeks of age. "Get rid of that big dog first", they said, "he has got a sad expression", but we liked him the best, not only for his looks, but for his character - he was full of himself, teased the others and pulled them along by their tails. We named him Wilfred after my brother who also had "wind up" tendancies in his younger days.When the litter was 7 weeks old, we took them to Audrey Chatfield of Dunsinane Kennels, as she owned the sire,LEECROFT LOVER BOY OF DUNSINANE. I can still hear her saying "Whatever you do don't get rid of that big dog" - it was Wilfred.

Copper Beech

Wifred was registered PELIDO COPPER BEECH, named after a tree which grew in the plantation next to my childhood home. He was a dark sable, the name suited him well. By March 1972 Wilfred had enjoyed his share of fun as a youngster,he loved shows, always gave his best. He was now just two years and it was the British Collie Club Championship Show. Harold Linley was judging dogs and a couple of our other youngsters had done nothing, so I was reluctant to take Wilfred in the ring. Imagine the surprise when he won the class and the sheer delight when he won the CC. His second CC was won at Darlington under Jimmy Tait and his thied was at Yorkshire Collie Club under Audrey Chatfield. His daughter, CH PELIDO ANGEL FINGERS won her first CC at Crufts.
Copper Beech is buried in the garden beneath a tree of the same name. It is hard to believe he was born 43 years ago.

Our first Blue Merle bitch was purchased from Audrey Chatfield,namely MOON MOSS OF DUNSINANE FROM PELIDO. "Mitty" as she was known,when mated to BLACK PRINCE produced an entire litter of blue merles. From this litter came PELIDO MINUETTO ALEGRETTO who was the mother of CH PELIDO SILVER LADY.
Pelido is one of the few kennels to have owned and bred Champions in all three colours and both sexes, also to offer Champions and others in all three colours at stud at any one time.

The kennel has owned or bred 27 Uk Champions:
Still our most famous "champion" is PELIDO BLACK PRINCE, even though he only ever won 1 res CC, "Blackie"was the most gentle and sweet natured dog,with wonderful bone and substance,beautifully sound and a very Black coat.

Like many of our oldies, Blackie was a much loved house pet. He was sire of a Champion in all three colours, namely, CH CATHANBRAE POLAR MOON AT PELIDO, CH PELIDO SPARTICUS, and CH PELIDO BLACK BELLE.
POLAR MOON, affectionately known as Puss Cat, won his first CC at 10 months under Kath Jeffries,a total of 7 CCs, 3 club Best in Show wins at Collie Clubshows and was twice short listed in the Working Group which was before the Group was divided into 2 Groups Working and Pastoral.
He was the sire of CH UPPERTON BLUE BRAND bred by Joyce Powell who in turn sired the illustrious CH TAMEILA GORDON BENNET owned/bred by Angela Hodgson.

HOT CHOCOLATE sired the CC winner PELIDO BLUE FASCINATION AT BIRKMYRE owned by Bob and Naomi McDowall, also CH BLUE STRATOS, who in turn sired CH LYNAIRE SHE'S A MODEL owned by Roz and Barry Makepeace.
BLUE STRATOS who when mated to a daughter of CH ESQUIRE and CH BLACK BELLE produced in one litter CH PELIDO GUILTY and CH PELIDO BLACK MANTILLA.
A daughter of CH PELIDO SILVER LADY when mated to CH PELIDO GUILTY produced the litter brothers CH BLUE BOLERO and PELIDO BLACK ICE. BOLERO's grand-daughter produced the CC winner PELIDO BLUE INNUENDO and PELIDO BLUE GRAFFITI.
GUILTY was also the sire of CH CARRISTINA CHANTILLY LACE bred/owned by Christina Evans. Christina also used BOLERO which produced CH CARRISTINA ROYAL MARINE also BLACK ICE which produced CH CARRISTINA SILVA SOLITAIRE AT DYERSBRIDGE.

There is another story with BLACK ICE otherwise known as "Thor" who was
returned to us thanks to Collie Rescue Rough and Smooth. With us he had a number of good wins including his Kennel Club Stud Book Number. CH PELIDO BLUE PAVAN AT SAMBERRY owned by Beryl and Ernest Clark was one of Thor's better known progeny.
PELIDO PERSIAN TAPESTRY, blue merle daughter of CARCLEW HARBOUR LIGHT ex a daughter of CH GUILTY, and owned by Duna Jones, was mated to Duna's dog,ERJON EYECATCHER. Duna was brilliant and drove from her home in Cleveland to Pelido, a journey of some four or five hours each way, to enable us to see the litter. Duna herself kept a blue bitch who became CH PELIDO ESTEE LAUDER.
Tony and Daphne Iley campaigned another blue bitch,PELIDO ERMINE BEAUTY OF ILEYDA who won 1 CC and 4 res CC's.
We had two puppies from this litter. A lovely blu bitch PELIDO PAINTED MOON who went to New Zealand, and a tricolour dog PELIDO INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR who sired the CC winner,PELIDO BLUE MIRAGE AT DUCKSLAKE, owned by Jack and Madeleine Gooday.
POLAR MOON also holds the distinction of siring Champions in both Rough and Smooth coat. The best known smooth in the UK is the mulitiple CC winner CH ASTRELLITA BLUE MOVIE OF GLENMIST.

Hazel was our pet Jersey cow, she came as a calf when we first moved to Pelido, and was with us for 23 years. She had three calves in her younger years, but I got very upset when the calves had to go and she was so difficult to milk. She would swish her tail around one's face and lash out with her hooves, often ending up with one hoof in the bucket and milk all over the ground. From the milk we did manage to save, we made our own butter. As the dog population grew it was less time consuming to buy our dairy products.
When Hazel was bulling (in season), she would not only keep bellowing, but would also break through the fence and go on walkabouts. One felt rather silly ringing the police and asking if anyone had reported finding a cow.
Playboy came to us a retired polo pony; he was black, what I had always wanted. He was with us for three very short years. When he died, I vowed never to have another. Word got round that Playboy had died and we were offered Rhonty, a chestnut Arab. I, of course declined.......Rhonty was with us for some 17 years. Hazel was the best of friends with both Playboy and Rhonty.

I wasVice Chairman of the West of England Collie Society for a number of years. A position remembered with great fondness, and am now Honorary Life Member.
My mind goes back to the Christmas parties in which the dogs got dressed up. One year Black Prince was a Christmas Parcel(an egg box covered in Xmas paper). Angel Fingers a Christmas Cracker(made from a band of wrapping paper with frilled edges).
Peter became a committee member of the London and Provincial Collie Club. He took on the job of printing. The printer itself was like something out of the dark ages and not at all like the modern printers of today. He then graduated to secretary following the retirement of Lyn Westby. The next position was Chairman, the reiring president, the late Jim Broderick, proposed Peter as president on his (Mr Broderick's) retirement, so Peter has worked his way from dog's body to president.
When I retired from West of England Collie Society, it was never my intention to serve on another committee. Then Peter mentioned there was a vacancy on the London and Provincial.I served as a committee member for a short while then took on position as secretary, not just ofthe club, but also secretary of the Judges Sub Committee. I was also editor of the club magazine "Colliecues".
Peter was with the L&PCC for some 30 years. The shows and events were particularly well supported.
Lyn Westby judged the L&PCC Open Show 1980 with an entry of 163 Dogs. August 1980 the club held a Match and Primary Show at Pelido. Ray Mitchell judged the Match and Anne Mitchell the Primary Show.Primary Shows were introduced on 1st July,1980. This show was for all dogs not having won a first place at any show excepting puppy classes. The highest class being Maiden. Entries could be taken on the day, the event proved very popular, and at one time over 100 cars were parked in Hazels field. Hazel(our pet Jersey cow) had gone on her holiday to our local farmer, The "Rock Bottom" pop group provided live entertainment for the evening.
The L&PCC Open Show 1981 clashed with W.E.L.K.S Championship Show. There was a mammoth entry of 227 Dogs making a total entry of 524 for Thelma Duncan to Judge. I was at W.E.L.K.S that day and won the Dog CC with Sparticus under Alan Mather.
At the February 1984 Show, Pam Willis ran the raffle. All proceeds were for Collie Rescue. 
Both Peter and Myself also served as committee Members for the Canine Supporters Charity. After one of these events, which finished at midnight, we drove to the Scottish Collie Club CH: Show and won Dog CC with Italian Affair, his 3rd under Sheila Telford.


Rome 1986
We are prepared to take our collies back at all times should the owners circumstances change. The registered charity Collie Rescue Rough and Smooth have been aware of this for many years and have been most helpful.
Each puppy goes to its new home with a contract to this effect.We consider it our responsibility as Breeders to provide help when needed.
The furthest we have have travelled to bring our dog's home, is to Rome in 1986, when the owner of Hot Chocolate and Blue Bayou died and we went and collected them by car. On the way home, the car broke down in France. For awhile we were stranded by the side of the road with the two dogs to get back for Quarantine. Fortunately I had taken out AA cover prior tothe journey, "The Best" said the breakdown driver, and from there on the French people were just wonderful. The car was taken to a garage; us and the dogs were taken to a hotel. The garage staff started working on the car first thing the next morning..

All wins are special, some perhaps just a bit more memorable. CH; Mister Blue and CH: Silver Lady winning "the double" at Midland Collie Club under Kath and Alan Jeffries.
Careless Love and La Traviata winning "the double" at Bath Championship Show, judges were Frank Mitchell and Luciano Bernini, both sadly no longer with us. We have won many Top Stud Dog/Top Brood Bitch/Top Breeder awards. 
Five new Champions, in all three colours campaigned to their title in 1982. At British Collie Championship Show, both Rough and Smooth Best of Breeds were sired by CH;POLAR MOON, CH; SILVER LADY, taking Best in Show, and here is another story.
My son had been telling his mates about the "wonderful Trophy" "sugar"(Silver Lady)had won, so one evening he took it to the local pub, and his mates could admire it as it rested on the pub bar. Before everyone has a heart attack, I will add, it was Peter who drove Douglas to the pub, and stood guard while it was admired, then drove it home again !!!!
Forgotten Dreams was Top Sire 1998, and was the sire of both CC winners at the British Collie Club 1999. Our Dogs have featured in many bools/magazines worldwide. !The Pelido Years" was featured in the Kennel Gazette in June 1990. Champions Polar Moon and Mister Blue were featured on the front cover of the Kennel Gazette in January 1995, as was Black Belle in April 1984. "Belle" also graced the front cover of De Honden Wereld in January 1986. Ch Polar Moon and Ch Mister Blue were featured on the front cover of Dog World Annual1993. Our collies have also been used in advertising a number of products.

We have both judged at Championship level and have officiated at most of the Collie Club Shows.
We were the first Husband and Wife partnership to judge our breed together at Crufts in 1994, and have also judged in many countries overseas.
I judged Rough Collie Dogs at the World Show in Amsterdam in 1995. I have also judged Smooth Collies at Championship Show level, to include the British Collie Club, also a record entry at the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain. The World Show in Budapest in 1996, and Crufts in 2010, my Best of Breed winner was second in the group. I have been approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in 6 breeds, plus the Pastoral Group.
In 2006 I judged Australian Shepards at Crufts when the breed had CC's on offer for the first time. I gave B.O.B to AM.CH.CAITLAND ISLE TAKE A CHNCE. He went on to win the group from Steve Hall, and Best in Show under Brenda Banbury.A truely magical day. The roar of the crowd and phone calls/cards of congratulations will live with me forever, more to the point.......I got it right !!!!!

The Story to Date.
It is our intention to continue breeding collies of the same quality as those collies featured throughout this story. With this in mind, the collies purchased over recent  years have not only brought in freash blood, but also have maintained this standard. Pelido is featured in all of their pedigrees and is indeed also behind many of todays top winning collies.
Thanks to Wendy Smith for our lovely blue boy, GEMASTRA KISS FAREWELL WITH PELIDO., and Jo and Bernard Marsh for our handsome Sam, BERMAJO MARSTER CRAFTSMAN 1 res CC, also BERMAJO LIGHT MY FIRE WITH PELIDO, and the beautiful blu bitch, BERMAJO LAVENDER ICE WITH PELIDO.

All photographs are copyright and for use of Pelido Collies only,and must not be copied or reproduced in ANY form.

Peter and Lisa Burtenshaw
Pelido, Thursley Road,Elstead,Godalming,Surrey. GU8 6ED
Telephone/Fax 01252 702182

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